Terms of Service

  1. Substances
  2. Article 1
  3. • In order for the order to be transferred to the user's profile, the profile must be public.
  4. Article 2
  5. • There is a risk that the user's account will be closed during follow-up operations. In particular, do not buy followers on new accounts that do not have SMS or mail approval, copyright content, and no followers. It should be noted that a normal account is at risk of closing. Smmfulltime.com accepts no responsibility for the closed accounts.
  6. Article 3
  7. • smmfulltime.com does not give 100% guarantee in case of missing followers, closure of account or suspension.
  8. Article 4
  9. • Orders may be delayed depending on the density. Depending on the density, the order can be postponed. In such cases, the user is informed.
  10. Article 5
  11. • Bot followers have no guarantee. Followers may be missing even on the same day.
  12. Article 6
  13. • You must not place a different order for the same account before an order is completed.
  14. Article 7
  15. + 18, adult, iddaa coupon sales account or illegal gambling, etc. account withdrawal members are prohibited.
  16. Article 8
  17. • smmfulltime.com does not guarantee activity for purchases. smmfulltime.com is solely responsible for uploading the amount received to the person's account. If the installations are incomplete or incomplete, the system will refund the missing part to the user.
  18. Article 9
  19. • There is no refund for the balances reflected in the system. However, if a service that the person has agreed to is removed, the balance can be refunded.
  20. Article 10
  21. • If orders transferred to confidential accounts appear as ‘COMPLETED de in the system, no refund will be given.
  22. Article 11
  23. • The orders of shoppers through smmfulltime.com belong to one's own responsibility.
  24. Article 12
  25. • For foreign boat followers, place another order at least 6 hours after the order is completed.
  26. Article 13
  27. • Responsibility is not our responsibility for the problems to be experienced due to not paying attention to the issues written.
  28. Article 14
  29. • By registering on our website, anyone placing orders is deemed to have accepted all of these items. In case of any problems or problems, people who register and place orders cannot claim rights and cannot complain.
  30. Article 15
  31. • smmfulltime.com reserves the right to change or remove the above items without any notice.
  32. Sample Order Links
  33. Instagram Followers: https://www.instagram.com/UserName or just enter your username without @ at the beginning!
  34. Instagram Likes & Views: https://www.instagram.com/p/xxxxx/
  35. Twitter Followers: https://twitter.com/username
  36. Twitter RT & Like: https://twitter.com/username/status/xxxxxxxxxxx
  37. Facebook Page Rating: https://www.facebook.com/page-xxxxxx
  38. Facebook Status Rating: https://www.facebook.com/UserName/posts/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  39. YouTube Views & Video Rating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxxxxxx
  40. (Only for services with K.NAME, just enter your username without @.)